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$950 mini-trek-huayhuash-with-festival-huanucopampa-inkalandtreks

Mini trek Huayhuash with Festival Huanucopampa

This unique trekking program combines breath-taking Huayhuash Mini Trek.

$900 huayhuash-trek-via-trapecio-pass-8d-7n-inkalandtreks

Huayhuash Trek via Trapecio Pass – 8D/7N

A shorter challanging trek along Huayhuash range crossing the high spectacular Trapecio.

$800 huayhuash-mini-trek-6-days-inkalandtreks

Huayhuash mini trek – 6 days

A special version Mini trek Huayhuash for those who may be time-limited but still seek to capture. 

$1,000 huayhuash-breathtaking-views-10-days-inkalandtreks

Huayhuash Breathtaking Views – 10 days

The circuit of the Cordillera Huayhuash on Peru is one of the classic trekking circuits of the world.

$1,250 huayuash-trek-diablo-mudo-climbing-12-days-inkalandtreks

Huayhuash Trek & Diablo Mudo Climbing – 12 days

The circuit of the Cordillera Huayhuash on Peru is one of the classic trekking circuits of the world.

$550 santa-cruz-trekking-lake-69-tour-peru

Santa Cruz Trekking with Lake 69 – 5 days

Combine a trek of the famous Santa Cruz circuit with a hike up to the pristine high alpine lake of Laguna 69

$450 classic-santa-cruz-4days-ancash-peru-huaraz

Classic Santa Cruz Trek 4D/3N

The Classic Santa Cruz Trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Cordillera Blanca.

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Lake 513 Huaraz

Laguna 513

Laguna 513, located at 4 460 m/14 628 ft. Its depth is approximately 45 meters; the color of its waters …

Laguna Churup

Churup Lake

Visit the popular Laguna Churup located at 28 km/17 miles east of Huaraz …


Sallap Lake

Laguna Shallap is a beautiful, unique bright green glacier lake …

Portachuelo pass & Llanganuco lake, Maria Josefa hike

Portachuelo Pass, Llanganuco Lakes & Maria Josefa Hke

The suitable and easy Maria Josefa trail is located in Llanganuco Valley …

tour Chavin de Huantar

Chavin de Huantar Archaeological Site

The architectural ruins of Chavin are located 3 to 4 hours by vehicle from Huaraz …

Tours Pastoruri glacier huaraz

Pastoruri glacier & Giant Puya Raimondi

To visit Pastoruri Glacier and Puya Raymondi is an full adventure day tour which offers …


Lake 69 & Llanganuco Lakes

The Lake 69, located at 4600 m / 15,092 ft. lies just at the flank of The Pisco and Chacraraju …


Paron Lake

The large beautiful Paron Lake is at 4200m, It is an steep canyon like glacier valley located in the valley …


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