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Nov 20

Huaraz – Guided Day Trips

Huaraz Guided Day Trips with Inkaland Treks Inkaland Treks offers an interesting variety of acclimatization day hikes within the Cordillera Blanca range area around Huaraz. Our day hikes and adventure tours are adaptable in grade levels and difficulty according to preferences and requirements of our clients. What our client say… A equipe Inkaland (Edita, Mário […]
Nov 20

Brasilian Groups

Brasilian Groups – Huaraz Guided Walks and Tours  In the last three years, at Inkaland Treks we have been working permanently with Brazilian groups, being our main market now for the the guided day  hikes and tours that takes place in the Cordillera Blanca – Parque Nacional Huascaran  and Huaraz skirts.  Probably we can say […]
Nov 07

Family Focused Adventure Trips

Welcome to our new category of family adventure trips Traveling with family? Give your children a “natural geographic” lifetime adventure where your children will see and experience the Peruvian Andes and meet the native Quechua People in their natural traditional setting. HIGHLIGHTS √ Share magical times with all the family on an adventure trips along […]
Nov 03

Five reasons why you should hike to Cordillera Huayuash

1. IT IS MAJESTICAL! Yes, that is a word. “Beautiful” and “breathtaking” are simply not strong enough to convey the grandeur of this magical place. There is a reason why Cordillera Huayhuash has become known as the most popular popular trekking circuits of the world. Then of course, there is the bonus eye candy along […]