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Laguna Rajucolta

ACTIVITY: Hiking   DIFFICULTY: Easy/medium   DURATION: 1D    ELEVATION: 4 250 m/13 934 ft

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♦ Amazing day hike because of the magnificent view of Nevado Huantsan
♦ Rated as an easy to moderate hike, it’s an ideal acclimatization day hike for the first day

Itinerary Description

Hiking  Rajucolta Valley & Laguna Tombillos,  is an amazing day hike because of the magnificent view of Nevado Huantsan, (6395m / 20,981 ft) the second highest mountain in the Cordillera Blanca range. Huantsan dominates the surrounding landscape to the point that you hardly notice the surrounding beautiful waterfalls and high cliffs during your hike. Rated as an easy to moderate hike, it’s an ideal acclimatization day hike for the first day.

Our Inkaland Treks team will pick you at your hotel in our private van and head southeast of Huaraz and travel through the village of Macashca (Mah cash cah). We’ll continue driving for approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours until we reach the entrance of the beautiful Huascaran National Park.  From this point, we will start hiking up this fabulous valley that is fairly flat and has a lot of cattle.  We follow the trail along the mountain stream up to this stunningly beautiful lake. Laguna Rajucolta is situated at 4250m / 13,934 ft and is a perfect glacial lake having the 6395m (20,981ft) majestic Nevado Huantsan framing its background. The peace and beauty that this hiking experience gives you in this enchanting land of high mountains, glacier fed lakes and colossal landscapes, is unforgettable. We will rest at the lake enjoying a provided lunch and taking photos before returning back to our private transportation awaiting us. The hiking distance from the entrance of Huascaran National Park to the lake is about 7 km (4.5 miles) (3 hours approximately with about a 2 hour return).

Is this Trekking for you?

Rated as an easy to moderate hike, it’s an ideal acclimatization day hike for the first day. Higly recommended for family groups or for those who want to do esay hikes and enjoy nature.

Why Inkaland Treks?

Day by day Itinerary

Day 1: Huaraz / Canrey Chico / Sacracancha

We leave from Huaraz heading toward Chico Village at 10,991 ft / 3350m from where we start by an easy trekking pace following an ancient pre-Inca trail up the wide Uquian Valley gently gaining altitude. During this trek, you will have great views of the snowcapped peaks of Shaqsha and Cashan. We’ll set-up our first camp in Sacracancha at 13,517 ft / 4,120m.
Meals Included: Snack, Lunch, Tea Time & Dinner

Day 2: Sacracancha / Yanashallash Pass /Jato

We start the day going up to Yanashallash Pass 15,420 ft / 4700 m). On our trek to the pass we are treated with close views of the glacier coming from Uruashraju and some small lakes on the valley floor below.  Next we descend to our camp site following a switch back trail to reach our camp site is in Jato which is situated in the Shoncopampa Valley at 12,631 ft / 3850 m.
Meals Included: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Tea Time & Dinner

Day 3: Jato / Castilla

We continue our trek along the wild mountain valley with stunning views of magnificent glaciers such as: Uruashraju and Rurec, and where the massive snow covered peak of Huantsan comes into view dominating the skyline. We spend the night in Castilla Camp Site at 14,272 ft / 4350 m. During today’s trek, we are passing by small farms.
Meals Included: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Tea Time & Dinner

Day 4: Castilla / Santa Rosa Pass / Hitacok

An early walk to the beautiful Santa Rosa Pass at 15,847 ft / 4830 m is really rewarding and soul searching. You will find yourself amidst the tranquil and peaceful nature forgetting the world outside. You will enjoy fabulous views of Uruashraju, Rurec, San Juan and Cayesh Peaks. You’ll then start descending easily through a beautiful valley surrounded by granite Rock Mountains. Our camp site is called Hitacok which is situated in the Rima Rima Valley.
Meals Included: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Tea Time & Dinner 

Day 5: Hitacok / Mesapata view / Warmirumi

We leave our camp site ascending by an undefined path to Mesapata which is a beautiful viewpoint at 15,158 ft / 4620 m. The site has one of the most fabulous vistas of river forest and colorful lakes situated at the base of Huantsan, Tumarinaraju, San Juan and Maparaju Mountains. From here we descend into the Carhuascancha Valley where we find our camp site is located at 12,992 ft / 3960m.  Warmirumi  Carhuascancha Valley must be the most beautiful valley in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, because it possesses a beautiful  forest, very rich in different kinds of local trees, wildflowers (including orchids), bushes, mushrooms, moss and lichens.
Meals Included: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Tea Time & Dinner 

Day 6: Warmirumi /Puente Dos amores /Huaraz

We start this day going down easily through the beautiful Carhuascancha Valley which driver us to Puente Dos amores, where our bus will be waiting for us to go back to Huaraz. On the way we visit the Chavin archeological complex, this temple, the largest pre-Inca site that has been restored with its impressive carved stonework and anthropomorphic figures and its labyrinth of underground passages. It is the oldest known pre-Columbian culture (600 – 400 BC) discovered and known as Chavin the Huantar.
Meals Included: Breakfast & Snack

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