Our Guides and  Support Team 

Key to Inkaland Treks success in providing the very best adventure travel experiences is our focused team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Whether leading groups in the high mountains, preparing your meals, providing porter or Arriero service or providing answers to your questions on the phone, all of our Inkaland Trek team plays a crucial role in ensuring you have a thoroughly safe, enjoyable and memorable adventure experience. Our confident professional and caring team derives from experiential competence that is essential to successfully support any group of adventure travellers. By definition, adventure travel involves the unexpected, be it sudden mountain storms, route diversions or a transportation breakdown. Our satisfied clients will confirm that Inkaland Treks’ leaders are always professionally and confidently prepared to lead.
All of our adventure trips are led by professionally certified guides selected on the basis of their cumulative experience and mountain wilderness leadership skills. Our  trekking guides are all CEAM (Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña) certified and our mountain climbing guides are all certified members of the UIAGM .Our guides have unrivalled knowledge of the areas, local culture and environments in which they work.  A guide should be both competent and fun to travel with and ready to share with you their enthusiasm for adventure travel and their knowledge of the area.  Alongside the group’s lead guide, there will be local support crews which include our professionally trained Cooks, Porters, Arrieros, and Drivers. The hard work of our entire support crews, along with the fascinating insights they share with our clients into their own Quechua culture, is integral to providing you with the very best personalized adventure travel experience. 

Inkaland Treks team is led by our Owner, Director and chief Trekking Guide Edita Oncoy. She is a professionally certified Trekking Guide with a wealth of experience in trekking in the Peruvian Andes. Edita was introduced to the outdoors at an early age where a fascination for the mountains was fostered. She became a qualified Trekking Guide and during her  professional career she has successfully led trekking and hiking trips throughout the world renowned Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash ranges of the Peruvian Andes has  summited some of Peru’s most beautiful  peaks in the Cordillera Blanca.
She is multilingual speaking fluent Spanish Quechua and English.As Owner and Operations Director, she personally manages all logistics operations at our Huaraz, Peru headquarters as well as leading day hikes, multi-day treks and providing personalized service to our clients. Edita is both culturally and geographically knowledgeable of Peru, highly client focused and possesses an infectious personality with a great sense of humor and a special laugh that, combined, leaves our clients with and enduring sense of satisfaction with our service.







The Inkaland Treks Mountain Team
Adding experienced strength to our trekking, and climbing expeditions is our professional team of mountain Cooks, Arrieros (donkey driver) and Porter’s. They are integral team members of our operations who make our expeditions safe, healthy, fun and successful. All of our mountaineering team are members of the ASAM (Association of High Mountain Service), a professional Peruvian entity regulated by the Huascaran National Park.

Our IT Cooks
Our team of professional cooks are well trained and qualified each having extensive knowledge and experience in their area of expertise. They prepare gourmet meal dishes and provide superb personalized service during your trekking and climbing trips. You’ll be amazed just how great and unique the delicious meals are that our cooks serve you on your Inkaland Treks adventure expeditions.

Cesar Henostroza
We are extremely fortunate to have the cook Cesar  as part of our selected team. Cesar is our chief cook. He is been working with us since 2015 and has never failed to please and impress our clients with his wide range of gourmet meals. Cesar produces incredible dishes of tasty international and national cuisine from his efficient cook tent. He shares and contributes to ITs’ relentless passion for providing wholesome and nutritious and delicious expedition meals.
He is multi-talented with vast experience as a trekker  since an early age and is an ideal skilled cook for trekking, climbing expeditions. He also speaks some english.

Bernardo Lliuya
Bernardo, without a doubt one of the most experienced and professional cooks of high mountain in Huaraz. For us it is a pleasure to have him as part of our cooks staff. He has years of experience in this field. He has worked in different companies always emphasizing his professionalism. Having Bernardo as a  cook on the expedition is guaranteed the service of 5 forks  restaurant at the level of the best restaurants of the city.                                                                                     

 Inkaland Treks  Assitant , Arriero Team (Donkey Drivers)                                          

Our Inkaland Treks’ mountain porters are well trained with vast experience on the different climbing grades. They accompany and assist our mountain guides and clients throughout your entire trip.
We can not fail to mention and value the contribution of our assistants and muleteers in each expedition, they are also a fundamental part of the team working together to achieve customer satisfaction at the end of each expedition. All of them are members of the ASSAM (Association of High Mountain Service), a Peruvian entity regulated by the Huascaran National Park.

Mario Oncoy – Asistant
Mario is a member of the family, he is working with us from 2014 to the beginning as manager of the equipment and logistics warehouse in the selection of equipment for each expedition. From the beginning he shows his interest and enthusiasm for what he has been doing and now he is already part of the mountain staff, he works as an assistant.During the last season he was almost all the time outside in the mountain accompanying the expeditions in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash . The free days he has in Huaraz still help us with the preparation of equipment and the warehouse, he is always busy helping us part fundamental  in Inkaland Trek. 

Ambrosio Valladares – Arriero
Ambrosio is been working with us since we started as part of our  integral member of our IT Team. He lives in Cashapampa where the Santa Cruz Trek Stars. With a vast experience working as  arriero, hard-working and very helpful . As with all of our mountaineering support team, Ambrosio   is a member of the Association de High Mountain Service of Cashapampa. 

Segundino Bacilio – Arriero
Segundino is our main muleteer in the Cordillera Huayhuash area. During the time that he is working with us he has shown responsibility and enthusiastically accompanies our expeditions in the Cordillera Huayhuash. He is a muleteer with enough experience for the next few years working as a muleteer. During the low season it is dedicated to agriculture.

Javier Valdivia – Arriero
Javier is another integral member of our IT team with many years of experience as an Arriero. He has been working as an Arriero since finishing high school. He possesses a very friendly and outgoing personality and is always funny with a great smile. Javier and Victor are both neighbors and friends and members of the Association de High Mountain Service of Colcabamba. They often work together as an efficient team smiling and bringing smiles and good memories to our clients’ faces.

Victor Mendez – Arriero
victor-arrieroVictor is an integral member of our IT Team. He is a very hardworking, easy going guy who never seems to get tired! He   consistently does an excellent job and possesses a great sense of humor which clients love and enjoy. As with all of our mountaineering support team, Javier is a member of the Association de High Mountain Service of Colcabamba.

Inkaland Trek : Truck and Driver
With the purpose of continue offering a personalized service in the different areas that our activity involves . On 2016 we  bought a 4×4 truck  from the year, modern and comfortable, for our services of transfers in Huaraz. We make available for the IN / OUT transfers in Huaraz, the day hikes & private transfers to the different places according our client requires.

 Foto del carro

URBANO – Driver  (Foto al lado Izquierdo o derecho)

Continuing with the family member, last year Urbano our olderst brother join us to be part of Inkaland Treks team as a driver. Urbano has years of experience in the area of transport and puts the best of himself in each expedition as he not only drives  but also likes showing  the best places to visit  to our  customers thanks to his knowledge of the region.

Also he is in charge of our Huaraz transfers IN/OUT, So at your arrivaL  to Huaraz you may expect  to meet him . He is in charge of our 4×4 Inkaland Treks  truck, from the operative, mechanical and administrative part of it.

As part of his  improvement, Urbano is currently taking English lessons at the Casa De Guias. He is looking forward to practice  y  communicate successfully with the clients.