The Inkaland Treks Experience

Our team has the collective adventure travel experience that will provide you a varied collection of adventure trips. This website presents our inspirational trekking and climbing programs and other adventures, including a number of easy walking, touring and discovery holidays. Also in our collection we have dedicated special family holidays. Whether you are looking to climb amongst the Cordillera Blanca’s biggest peaks, trek into Andean wilderness areas, or witness first-hand the wildlife and culture of intriguing Peru, we’re sure that Inkaland Treks has the perfect trip for you!

Why Travel with Us
Proudly confident in our experience tested guide abilities, Inkaland Treks has a clear vision for innovation, quality of service, value for our client’s money and for providing life altering adventure travel experiences. By taking advantage of our expertise, you will make the most of your precious adventure trip and experience the very best of your chosen Peruvian destination.

Purpose Driven Client Service
When travelling with our team, you are assured of the highest service quality standards. Our office logistics team of experienced professionals, thoroughly know our trips and, and integrated with our first-class skilled and knowledgeable field team of certified guides, cooks, porters, donkey drivers combine to ensure you, our clients, well managed, smoothly run trips. There may be cheaper operators – but we won’t cut corners at your travel experience expense to compete with them. We value competing with the best.

Your safety is our highest priority and you can rest assured that Inkaland Treks has at its disposal the best available back-up and rescue facilities in each area we visit. The premium we place on professional experienced standards of guiding leadership helps us to ensure your safety and security throughout your trip. Your confidence in selecting us is our sole reason for being.

Adventurous yet Responsible
We recognize the need to protect our precious land and some of the Andes most beautiful places with the principled philosophy of ‘leaving nothing but footprints’. This responsible position has been integral to our practice from our inception. Additionally, we respect the native communities and its local population with their traditional life style that has survived for thousands of years. We aim to make a positive contribution and provide support needed to those isolated areas related to all our adventure trips in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash wilderness mountain ranges. Our work in the section of Responsible Tourism

Small Group Travel
Limiting the size of our groups to 10 enables us to be more creative in the setting up of our adventure itineraries, as groups of this size can take advantage of travel and transport opportunities which would be impractical for large groups. Small groups also allow for easier interaction with people we meet on the trail and leave fewer footprints in a world where it is increasingly important for us all to be environmentally aware. Around half of our clients are solo travellers, whilst others are either couples or groups of friends, or family. There is usually a mix of male and female travellers, with a range of different ages.

Our Guides
Inkaland Treks professional local trekking and climbing guides have been selected on the basis of their experience and leadership skills. Our mountain and trekking guides are member of the UIAGM (International Union Internationale des Associations de Guide de Montagne) and CEAM (Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña) who are multi-lingual in fluently speaking Spanish, Quechua and English. No matter who your guide is, you can be certain that they will meet the high standards expected by us and by our clients. Your IT guide is there to ensure your travel adventure experience runs safely and smoothly.

Food and Health
It is our primary concern that you should remain in good health throughout your adventure trip with us. For your acclimatization day hikes we prepare a variety of sandwiches with fresh fruits and energetic chocolates. When camping we make sure that food is expertly and hygienically prepared and we serve a mixture of local and western-style dishes. Our goal is to provide substantial nourishing meals, fresh vegetables, fruits and meat with an extensive variety as possible and we routinely cater for vegetarians.

Accommodation in Town and on the Trail
The accommodations we use in towns are selected for their comfortable quality service, nearby location to the town center with the main shops and safe areas to walk and experience the local culture.  We offer a variety of accommodation choices of mid-range 3 Star hotels with comfortable, service focused treatment for our package trip programs. We recommend these 3 Star hotels because we would be very comfortable staying there ourselves, but we will book your accommodation at any select hotel of your choice. Within one adventure trip with us, you might stay one night in a comfortable hotel, a mountain lodge and at a high mountain camp. We will always provide you with specific information on the accommodations to be used on your selected trip description.
During trekking and climbing trip camping days, we offer good quality, comfortable, multi-seasoned tents and foam mattresses to help assure your protective rest. The really nice treat you’ll appreciate and enjoy is that you’ll always have a dedicated, well trained support team to transfer your personal luggage and equipment, set up your tents and camp and prepare your delicious meals.