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Welcome to our new category of family adventure trips

Traveling with family?
Give your children a “natural geographic” lifetime adventure where your children will see and experience the Peruvian Andes and meet the native Quechua People in their natural traditional setting.

√ Share magical times with all the family on an adventure trips along Peru
Experience hiking, touring, climbs & treks
Relaxing and welcoming overnights in family friendly accommodation and campsites
The perfect mix of activities and cultural experiences
A rich variety of exciting multi-activity, wildlife and walking adventure holidays

Trips built for adventurers of all ages
Just because you have settled down and had kids does not mean your adventuring days are through.
Family tours explore exciting places.
family trips inkalandtreks peru
Joe & Patty from Usa – Huayhuash Trek 9Day

Trekking and hiking in the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Huayhuash is becoming increasing popular with families for the enduring lifetime memories that they create. Inkaland Treks has developed a facinating selection of family focused adventure treks that will capture the entire family’s interest. Our treks and tours trips are carefully planned to take into account children of different ages and abilities with a mixture of activity, culture and nature.
This is an excellent option for the next time your children want to come along on an adventure.

Rachel from Usa – Santa Cruz – Ulta 6 days
The trek itself was beautiful and challenging. It was quite a confidence and character building experience for my kids.

Experienced Team
We use well-trained horses and donkeys and experienced guides. Many circuits offer wonderful educational opportunities and are easily accessible from Huaraz our “base camp” and launch point for our family adventure trips.
Our professional well trained local group leaders ensure that every child and parent alike to be involved, have adventurist fun and create the memorable family vacation of a lifetime without having to organize the daily schedule and activities.

Diogenes our Top Guide

What our Clients say…
Diogenes was very patient and kind. We wanted to practice our Spanish and he spoke slowly and clearly to us in Spanish as if it were no trouble at all to have a slower conversation. He was exceptionally patient with my 10-year-old daughter who was very slow on the toughest climbs but who did not want to ride the horse but rather wanted to do it on her own. Service was terrific!
For more information on how your entire family can together create a lasting adventure travel experience, we encourage you to contact us at

A selection of our most popular Family Trips

Built for Adventure families
Travelling with the family is an adventure unlike any other, in all sorts of ways. Kids often have wildly different needs than adults, which is why we don’t just adapt our grown-up itineraries for smaller travellers. Little things like age-appropriate activities, hotels with amenities designed for families on the go, and CEOs that think like kids and adults alike are just a few of the things that set our Family trips apart. We believe that everyone deserves to have the time of their lives, no matter how old they are.
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