About our Inkaland Trips

hardest part will be deciding which one to choose!

To further help you choose the very best adventure, we use a comprehensive and useful Grading System, which identifies an individual trip’s level of difficulty and enables you to easily compare On our website you’ll discover the amazing variety and range of trips that Inkaland Treks has to offer: from easy to strenuous acclimatization daily hikes and tours, short easy treks from 2 days or extended 21 days on the most popular world-class trekking routes in the pristine Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash mountain ranges or the challenging climbing expeditions of the famous high peaks of these ranges to visiting Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Gods or trek the well-known Inca Trail to the citadel of Machu.
Whatever your interests or aspirations, we’re sure to have an appropriate adventure trip to suit your dreams.  The the difficulty of two or more trips. The trip grades appear in the left corner of the trip description. To fully understand our grades we recommend you read our grades explained section.
Once you’ve identified the adventure trip that captures you interest the most, contact us because our experienced team at Inkaland Treks are on hand to offer advice or answer any questions you may have. With a detailed description from the relevant trip we include a comprehensive itinerary which is filled with useful information including; the nature and difficulty of the terrain, climatic conditions and equipment requirements. Further, we’ll help you by taking care of all the travel logistics so that you don’t have to think about the planning details. Inkaland Treks will book your accommodations and domestic transport.

Trip Icons
Each of our trips has an activity icon, which appears next to each trip on the search pages. Some trips fall into more than one category and you may see up to 3 icons associated with particular trips.

Our trekking programs involve an element of hiking from short days of easy hiking to long sustain hiking routes on difficult terrain.

These trips are the actual ascent of high Andean peaks at altitude and require the use of safety climbing equipment. Each peak varies in difficulty depending on particular climbing grade of the one you are ascending. We can best guide you in choosing a mountain peak that best fits your level of experience and ability.

Family adventure trips Inkaland Treks has specifically designed trips to meet the needs of an adventurous family. Family trips all have a minimum child age which is an indication of the difficultly of the trip. Give your children a “national geographic” lifetime experience when as a family unit you see the Peruvian Andes, meet the Quechua  people in their natural setting and visit the Chavin archeological site dated back to 900 AD. Few children have this family bonding Andean adventure opportunity that provides enduring life-long memories.

Winter Activities
Our winter activity trips involve suitable programs for the season with great short hikes and sleeping in comfortable lodges in the Cordillera Blanca Andean Mountain Range and include amazing day activities in this intriguing land. 

Inkaland Treks also offer a range of tours specifically designed to allow you to enjoy the sights at an easier pace. Tours have minimal walking and focus on the cultural experience and magnificent high Andean Mountain views. These tours are designed for those people that seek an excellent opportunity to capture the magic of the landscape and culture you are visiting.