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Trek & Climb  Grades    

Each of our trekking and climbing trip descriptions are graded as follows; Strenuous, Demanding, Moderate or Easy accounting for factors such as the terrain, altitude and length of the hiking time. For each grade there is a simple color coded symbol which indicates the level of difficulty. Trekking trips with an element of climbing have an additional grade specifically to describe the climbing.

Trekking Grades   trekking
All of our programs that include a significant element of hiking are considered to be treks. These range from extended trips into wilderness areas, with a full trekking support crew including professional guides a porter, cooks and pack animal support, to short hotel-based programs involving a series of day hikes. The following grades should be considered in conjunction with each individual program description.

Suitable for most people in good health condition, these trips include only a short element of trekking which is predominantly on good trails and at lower altitude.


moderateSuitable for most hikers and generally involve shorter days at moderate altitude on good trails. However, a reasonable level of fitness is required as these treks can involve considerable amounts of ascent and descent and an occasional challenging day.

demandingPhysically very challenging but suitable for regular mountain trekkers who are use to extended days of 7 to 9 hours. These treks can involve difficult and sometimes crossing high passes (15,000 ft /4,572 m), as well as lengthy periods at high altitude of 3800. To 4800 m.

stronousOur toughest and most challenging treks involving many long days often in isolated wilderness areas and at very high 4000m  to extremely high altitude  5000m.  These treks might also include ascending and crossing difficult mountain passes which requires a high level of fitness and previous trekking experience is essential.

Climbing Grades   Climbing
Our climbing expeditions in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash are usually on snow where ropes and other mountaineering equipment will normally be used. These trips have each been given a trekking grade to reflect their overall difficulty and it is this grade that is shown on their grade symbol. Additionally, each of these trips has a climbing grade which is intended to indicate the technical difficulty of the ascents involved and takes into account factors such as overall steepness, exposure and objective dangers.

Our easiest climbs are generally on easy angled snow-slopes with no objective dangers. A mountaineering ice-axe and crampons is used depending on the prevailing conditions. Ropes may be fixed on short, steeper sections of ascent.

Snow climbing is suitable for beginners at 16,000 ft/5000 m on mountains where possible crevasses are located in the area. A mountaineering ice-axe and crampons will be used. Ropes are used and members will climb roped together led by our professionally certified mountain guide. This does require that clients to be well acclimatize and have good physical endurance to sustain themselves through the climbing experience at higher altitudes.

This grade requires technical skills involving long climbing days, possibly at extreme altitudes with steep snow slopes, exposed ridges and crevassed sections. Full mountaineering equipment and previous climbing experience required.

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