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Family Adventure Grades   Family_trips_grade

Give your children a “natural geographic” lifetime experience through your family seeing the spectacular Peruvian Andes, meeting the Quechua people in their natural setting and visiting the Chavin archeological sites dating back to 900 AD.  The family bond that you build from one of these adventure trips will endure for a life time.
 Inkaland Treks family adventures encompass a wide variety of travel experiences; from several day hikes options, sightseeing cultural journeys to suitable familiar trekking activities at campsites in the beautiful Andes Mountains. Overnight trekking and camping trips are supported with our professionally certified trekking guides and supporting mountain trekking crew who are anxious to share their knowledge and time to create for your family an exceptional “national geographic” adventure experience.

For this special type adventure program, in addition to using our standard "trekking" grades for our family trips, we also indicate possible recommended ages of children family members

Family Grade

To help you decide which trip is best well suited for your family, we have given each trip a "minimum age indicator". The example to the right indicates that we believe the trip is suitable for families with children aged 7 and older and is, in part, a reflection of the challenges of the itinerary. Note that there are many factors influencing this decision, and they can include everything from the size of available equipment for special activities to the amount of walking involved in the itinerary. To be certain that you are making the best choice for you and your family, we recommend that you check our family focus section and read the programs’ statement we have made for each itinerary. Within each detailed summary for our trips, we provide a fuller description of what the trip involves and whom it is suitable for. Within Inkaland Treks, there is full range of family adventures where there really is something for everyone!

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